Dark Souls 2 HD Texture Pack Mod-1

Dark Souls 2 gets a 24GB AI-upscaled HD Texture Pack/Mod

Modder ‘fromsoftserve’ (lol at the name) has released a must-have 24GB HD Texture Pack/Mod for Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin.

As the title suggests, the modder has used AI tools in order to upscale the vanilla textures. What this basically means is that the new textures retain the art style of the original ones. Moreover, all textures are boosted by either 2X or 4X.

Now in case you didn’t know, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of The First Sin contains the main game as well as its three DLC campaigns. And yes, this pack overhauls the textures for all DLCs.

Those interested can download this Dark Souls 2 HD Texture Pack from here. As said, this pack is around 24GB in size. The good news is that it comes in five parts, and you can use each part individually.

Speaking of the second Dark Souls game, we also suggest downloading the Lighting Engine Mod. This mod adds Volumetric Fog and improves Ambient Occlusion and Shading. Do note that this is a completely different mod, and has nothing to do with the Graphics Lighting Overhaul Mod. Still, and since we don’t have any ETA on when the latter mod will come out, we suggest using the former.

I’ve also included below some screenshots for you to view. These screenshots showcase the improved textures that this Dark Souls 2 HD Mod brings to the table. It would have been awesome if there was a before/after comparison video. Regardless of that, these screenshots make the game look amazing.

As you’ll see, the new textures look amazing. Thus, we highly recommend downloading this Texture Pack. Yes, it’s a big pack. However, the new textures look really great.


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