Outcast II: The Lost Paradise – Real-Time Prototype Footage Unveiled


Outcast is now considered a classic PC game that blown everyone away with its amazing reflections and its clever use of voxels. However, it appears that the game did not sell well back in the days, which is why its sequel – Outcast II: The Lost Paradise – would be coming first on consoles. As Franck Sauer – one of the original developers – revealed, Outcast sold 400K copies (way bellow Infogrames’ goal that was one million copies), Outcast II: The Lost Paradise was meant to have more action and less adventure, and a prototype video from it has just been unveiled. We highly recommend visiting Franck’s blog as it contains lots of juicy information about Outcast II: The Lost Paradise. Kudos to NeoGAF for spotting it. Enjoy the prototype video after the jump!