Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut features satisfying endings, answers most major plot holes

BioWare has finally released the Extended Cut DLC for Mass Effect 3 and to our surprise, it does answer most of the major questions and plot holes that were introduced in the final five minutes. As we thought, the Extended Cut focuses on Shepard’s companions and shows some scenes to explain things that confused ME3’s fans. However, there are still some major plot holes that have been not answered and that’s a major blow to BioWare. Not only that, but the Indocrination theory – a theory that explained a lot of all those unanswered questions – has been blown out of the water as the company included various cut-scenes to prove that Shepard was not indocrinated.
As BioWare stated, there are no new endings to the game (apart from a Refusal ending that has been introduced). So let’s see what additional sequences and information they’ve added to the three endings that were already available. In the RED (destroy) ending, Shepard dies and destroys the Reapers. Again, this seems like the Paragon option to us as Shepard’s goal – all this time – was to destroy the Reapers. So Andresson dies, Shepard dies, we get a cut-scene that explains why the Normandy was on a Mass Relay, an extended sequence of the planet that the Normandy landed, and some new scenes from the companions. All seems good, however the major plot holes – that will be discussed later on – have not been answered. And then we get that sequence where Shepard’s body moves. Oh, how great. No answers at all in the RED ending.
The control (BLUE) ending has been highly enhanced this time around. Contrary to our beliefs, it appears that the Star Child was right and that Shepard could control the Reapers. This is another thing that proves that the Indocrination theory is not what Mass Effect 3’s ending was all about. BioWare included some new cut-scenes an a monologue from Shepard himself. Shepard says that he’s controlling the Reapers and that he’ll be the guardian of his friends, through the Reapers. The Reapers will also rebuild what was destroyed and will help his companions (aka the Galaxy).
The synthesis (GREEN) ending has also been enhanced with new content. In this ending, we get a monologue from EDI, Normandy’s AI. Contrary to the BLUE ending (where the Husks in a sequence retreat), this time the Husks seems to become friends with the humans. The eyes of all races have been altered, hinting at the completion of the synthesis between organics and synthetics. According to EDI, the war is over and all are alive (both synthetics and organics). The Reapers are helping the humans and are bringing them their technology. This is a new world where synthetics and organics can live peacefully.
The new, Refusal Ending sees Shepard not accepting the fact that he/she should make a choice (or shooting the Star Child). As the Star Child says, he/she will fail by doing so and the Child vanishes as he says that the cycle will continue. The Reapers harvest everyone and Shepard is spotting inside the Crucible, unable to do anything. At the end of it, we got to see Liara sending a message to every other races/organisms and informing them on how they failed to stop the Reapers. You can view this new ending below.
Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut: Verbal Reject / Refuse Ending (Male / No Romance)

However, we still don’t get some answers to some plot holes. How come Shepard was able to destroy the Husks so easily at the end? How Andersson made it before Shepard? What was the meaning of Shepard’s dreams? Why there were indications of indocrination when Shepard was facing The Illusive Man? Why was Shepard the only one who could notice the Star Child in its human form? Why was Shepard bleeding from the same wound that Andersson was shot at? Why was Shepard’s armor changed at the end? Why there isn’t any HUD at the end? Why did Shepard have unlimited ammo all of a sudden?
Thankfully, BioWare answered some other plot holes and have blown away the Indocrination theory with their additional cut-scenes. Contrary to the original final fight, this time there is a cut-scene where Hackett acknowledges the fact that someone has made it inside Crucible. In addition, the company included a sequence in which the companions are being evacuated from the battlefield, something that explains why they were inside Normandy. Moreover, BioWare included a new sequence that also explains why the Normandy was on a Mass Relay during the end of the final fight. And we get to hear how the Star Child was created. In addition, the Reapers were not created by the Star Child but by Star Child’s creators. Make no mistake, there is major information about the Star Child and the Reapers in this Extended version, however it still doesn’t answer some questions about the Star Child and the Reapers.
It might not be the endings that most of you wanted, but these new, extended endings are satisfying and will answer most of your questions. There are still things that remain unanswered – and we might not ever get an answer – but then again, you can’t answer all questions when there are major plot holes, can you?
Here are the extended endings – courtesy of Tetra-Ninja!
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