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Editorial: The Future Of DSOGaming & Comments Moderation

Last month, DSOGaming turned five years old, and you can all blame me for not writing an Editorial back then. Shame on me. Blasphemy. No giveaways for our fifth anniversary (shame on us, definitely)? Lately there haven’t been a lot of articles, why (the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire)? Is DSOGaming closing down (definitely, the ship is going down)? What will happen now (obviously we’ll start covering consoles because we want to appeal to console gamers too)?

Joking aside, we’re perfectly fine. Without going into a lot of details, our visitors have increased, something that can be easily noticed from the increased number of comments in our articles.

And this Editorial is mostly dedicated to a hot topic; Comments Moderation.

You see, we wanted to give you, our readers, the freedom to write whatever you wanted. We simply filter specific words because we can get in trouble with Google (regarding harsh words). Believe it or not, we have already received two tickets/warnings regarding this. So yes, for the sake of your beloved DSOGaming, we have to filter/censor some words.

However, it became clear that some users can exploit this freedom. While we won’t ban users for having different opinions, we will moderate comments that insult other people. What we consider insults?

“You f’ing idiot”: that’s  insult
“on come on buddy”: that’s not an insult
“you’re a fool if you believe this” (that’s not an insult)
“you are a peasant and like pretending to enjoy PC games”: that’s a grey zone, it can be considered an opinion
“you nigga”: that’s obviously an insult
“go kill yourself, burn in hell”: yeap, an insult
“go suck your mom’s t*ts (or whatever)”: that’s an insult

Obviously, and given the high amount of comments in some of our articles, we strongly suggest reporting comments that may have offended you. There is a reason Disqus has included this feature.

Disqus has also implemented a “Block” feature. Thanks to this, you can successfully ignore specific members.

As you may have also noticed, we rarely comment. And that’s because the Comment section is yours. And it will remain that way.

So, what are our future plans? Staying independent and covering PC games, and only PC games. We’ll continue avoiding “political” or “feminish” or “GamerGate” articles because we want to concentrate on the games themselves. And yes, you can look forward to more articles about games/scenes/levels recreations. We want to bring as many talented 3D artists as possible into the spotlight.

Moreover, by the end of September we’ll most likely acquire an AMD GPU for our PC Performance Analysis articles. Yeap, the time has come.

And that is that.