DSOGaming Contest – Giving away five copies of 4A Games’ Post-Apocalyptic FPS, Metro 2033 – Winners Announced

And here is our first giveaway. THQ has provided us with five copies (Steam keys) of Metro 2033. Based on a novel by the Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033 combines classic first-person-shooter action with elements of survival horror and intelligent plot and character development not seen before in gaming, to create a true genre original. All you have to do is comment on this article with a ‘Thank You’ message. Multiple posts will be deleted. The contest will run for a week, and winners will be chosen randomly and will be announced next Saturday. Enjoy and good luck to everyone!
Metro 2033 - Launch Trailer

As promised, our contest has come to an end today and here are our five winners:
“4 = khawaja07
64 = Mohamed Mounir
2 = IceColdFire612
47 = David William
21 = Berg Santana”
Berg Santana and Mohamed Mounir did not provide us with an email address, so be sure guys to comment and give us one. IceColdFire612’s email addresses seems not to be working, therefore please comment with a working one. If those users do not reply until Sunday 23:00PM (Greek/Athens time), the keys will be given to other users. Posts were counted from the last place to the first place (according to the Discussion ‘Best’ option). This means that the first number was born2expire and the last number was eaze2009. Posts were not counted with chronological order as Disqus puts a post that got upvoted at a higher place. We’ve also deleted some duplicates posts (or posts that were simple comments. The reason we asked you to avoid such a thing was because we wanted to only have the messages for the contest and save us the trouble of deleting posts). We used random.org for the contest and you can view a video from it below.
A warm thank you to all those who participated and happy gaming!
Metro 2033 DSOGaming Contest