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Bio: Stephen is our resident kung fu master and reviewer. When he’s not kung fu fighting, he’s playing games, and has been since the atari 2600. He also runs his own YouTube channel called Particular Pixels, where he creates a variety of content related to PC gaming. He goes by the nickname Shaoling (not to be confused with Shaolin), which comes from his favorite PC game of all time, System Shock 2.

Posts by Shaoling:

Thief of Thieves Season One Review

Posted on: 17 Jul 2018

I’m a big fan of stealth games. There is something about the challenge of trying to accomplish an objective without being detected, whether it’s to steal something or to assassinate a target.

Antigraviator Review

Posted on: 22 Jun 2018

Antigraviator is a futuristic anti gravity racer that joins the ranks of games like Wipeout, Formula Fusion, Redout and other similar titles. The question is whether or not this new entry has managed to capture the essence of what made games like Wipeout great. The answer is yes…and no. There are many things Antigraviator gets … Continue reading Antigraviator Review