PC Spring Cleaning: Old Nvidia Drivers

Alright Windows Nvidia users it is time for a little spring cleaning. I say Windows users because this guide refers to Nvidia directories in Windows and need not apply to Linux users.

Old display drivers can be taking up a lot of space on your HDDs and SSDs. I removed about 2.4GB worth of old drivers about a month ago on my PC so I figured I’d share the info with you guys and gals.

Now if you do a clean install every time you install a new driver you won’t have this issue, but for those who don’t here is how to save some space.

1: Navigate to C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation

2: Delete everything in the “Installer2” folder but not the folder itself.

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You can also remove any .exe files in the NetService folder –

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I unfortunately had none to show for this demonstration.

That’s about it. We’re looking at starting a whole series of PC cleaning tips so if you guys liked this one let us know in the comments below.


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