Latest Metro Exodus update significantly improves DLSS quality, comparison screenshots

We were hugely disappointed when 4A Games and NVIDIA implemented DLSS in Metro Exodus. Contrary to the synthetic benchmarks we had previously seen, the DLSS implementation in Metro Exodus was awful. Thankfully, NVIDIA and 4A Games have significantly improved it, making DLSS now a viable option for those interested in it.

Below you can find some comparison screenshots between native 4K and 4K DLSS. As you will see, there is a significant performance boost and the game looks now almost as sharp in 4K DLSS as in native 4K resolution.

As with Final Fantasy XV, though, there is still some additional aliasing on some surfaces (something that basically showcases the game being rendered at a lower resolution). There are also some re-construction artifacts. similar to those we’ve seen in Final Fantasy XV.

Now while this isn’t perfect, and I don’t expect DLSS to ever be a perfect alternative to native resolutions, it’s WAY better than what we got at launch and it’s on par with the DLSS implementation in Final Fantasy XV. So yeah, kudos to NVIDIA and 4A Games for significantly improving things.

The native 4K screenshots are on the left and the 4K DLSS screenshots are on the right. We strongly suggest opening the images in new tabs so that you can more easily notice the visual differences between them (if you use our gallery viewer you won’t really notice the differences).