Word of Diving – Pre-Alpha Multiplayer Trailer Released

World of Diving

Vertigo Games has released a pre-alpha multiplayer trailer for World of Diving. World of Diving is now in pre-alpha, and players can start teaming up with friends, customizing and building their characters, and unlocking in-game items on its official website in anticipation of the game’s release.

Tristan Lambert, Lead Programmer on the project, said:

“Being Greenlit by the Steam community in September showed us that there is definitely a market for World of Diving, and development has really leapt forward since then. We’ve recently added multiplayer co-op missions, and our internal testers were so enthusiastic that we decided to show it early.”

Richard Stitselaar, Creative Director at Vertigo Games, added:

“With this online platform that allows for much more sophisticated feedback and rewarding thereof, we’re hoping to take engagement with our modest, but enthusiastic and growing community to the next level.”

World of Diving is expected to launch on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux in the second half of 2014, and will be Oculus Rift enabled.


World of Diving (pre-alpha) multiplayer Trailer