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Watch_Dogs Suffers From Optimization Issues, Runs With Sub-50FPS Without Maxing Out AMD’s FX-8350

Our reader ‘Khodam Hoelo’ has shared with us a video, showing Watch_Dogs running on AMD’s 8-core processor, FX-8350, that was accompanied with an Nvidia GTX780 GPU. As we can clearly see, there are major slowdowns even when this 8-core CPU is clocked at 4.4Ghz. Good news is that the game scales on 8-core CPUs. The bad news is that the game did not stress that particular CPU (as well as the GPU) while the framerate was taking a dive at 40s, suggesting that both Nvidia and Ubisoft will have to release patches and new drivers in order to further polish it.

Watch_Dogs PC Ultra/high 1080p GTX 780 FX-8350