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Warning Alert: This May Or May NOT Be Your First Look At Grand Theft Auto V PC

YouTube’s member ‘warrockteam1’ has shared a video from what seems to be an early build of Grand Theft Auto V PC. Although this seems fishy, warrockteam1 claimed that this is the real deal and hinted towards a Q1 2014 release date. Still, I find it really hard to believe that this is proper footage from the PC version (even though the framerate seems better and smoother than what I’ve witnessed in both X360 and PS3). Moreover, it seems that the draw distance setting did not affect the distant objects/buildings. In short, take it with a grain of salt. And if warrockteam1 went into all this trouble to fool everyone with his video skills, then kudos to him!


Take 2 has taken the video down. Moreover, it seems that it was fake as you can read in the comments below.