Top 5 Evolution 2014 Moments

Evolution 2014 was a blast. There were so many surprises, so many comebacks, so many great matches. Dare to say it was perhaps the best EVO event of these past years. As a big fan of Ultra Street Fighter 4, I was left speechless when Daigo, Tokido, Infiltration and Justin Wong were eliminated before even making it to the Top16. And that alone was enough to make Evolution 2014 the best EVO event to date (though I have to say that most of those eliminations occurred off-screen, so hopefully EVO 2015 will have more streams to cover even more matches). YouTube’s member ‘Maximilian Dood’ has shared the following video, showcasing the top 5 moments from this fighting event. Enjoy!

EVOLUTION 2014 - TOP 5 HYPE MOMENTS (Fighting Game World Championship)