Call of Duty Black Ops general header screenshots

This may be your first look at Call of Duty 2020, early gameplay footage leaked online

A new gameplay video from what appears to be a really early version of Call of Duty 2020 has surfaced online. This leaked video shows almost two minutes of gameplay footage from an early map. And, while it doesn’t show much, I’m certain that all COD fans will find it interesting.

From what we can see, Call of Duty 2020 does feel like a Call of Duty game. Movement and animations look similar to those of Black Ops.

The reason we’ve decided to share this gameplay video is because Activision is currently taking down all of its YouTube versions. As such, this gameplay video is most likely real. Twitter user Mark Walshburg has also shared the video, however its quality is really low.

From what we know so far, Call of Duty 2020 will be using the Modern Warfare Engine. The game will explore the Vietnam War a lot more than the original Black Ops. Moreover, it will be more realistic and based more on real events compared to the original Black Ops. Not only that, but it will be more gory than last year’s MW and will have a lot of shocking moments similar to Modern Warfare.

We expect Activision to officially reveal this new Call of Duty game later this Summer. Until we have more details to share, go ahead and take a look at the leaked gameplay video!