This Counter Strike De_Dust 2 fan remake in Unreal Engine 4 looks really cool

Wiktor Ohman, 3D Artist & Art Lead at Quixel, has shared with us a pretty cool remake of the iconic De_Dust 2 map from Counter Strike in Unreal Engine 4. Wiktor’s goal with this environment was to take the most recent version of Dust II from CS:GO and do his own twist on it by combining several of the iterations into something new.

As the artist noted, this scene leveraged the Megascans library’s materials, 3D assets and decals. Bridge was used to export the assets to Unreal Engine 4 and Mixer to create custom materials. The end result is amazing and give us an idea of what a re-imagined version of Counter-Strike could look like in Epic’s engine.

Unfortunately, this map is not available to the public so there is no way to run it and experience it yourselves. Still, Wiktor shared a flythrough video as well as some screenshots that you can find below.


Create Counter-Strike in UE4