Horizon Zero Dawn feature 4

These prototypes of Horizon Zero Dawn look absolutely incredible

YouTube’s ‘Nixian’ has shared two videos, showcasing the evolution of Horizon Zero Dawn. These videos feature every build of the game, from its 2011/2012 prototypes to its final version. And, to be honest, I absolutely love this kind of videos.

There is something truly mesmerizing watching the prototype versions of games that are already out. Moreover, it can give you a glimpse of a game’s development (and its changes) throughout the years.

As we can clearly see, Aloy had a completely different character model at the beginning. Not only that, but there were some features in the prototype builds that did not were canned.

These videos reminded me of the prototype video for Tomb Raider. Speaking of Tomb Raider, we also suggest taking a look at this video for Shadow of the Tomb Raider.