The Shore feature

The Shore is a new Lovecraftian horror game, powered by Unreal Engine

Ares Dragonis has shared a new trailer for the upcoming Lovecraftian horror game, The Shore. The Shore is a game that focuses on the mystery of the unknown with horror elements on a forbidden island.

According to its description, the whole story is based on a mythology that goes deep through the core of the Lovecraft’s creations and far more.

Players will see the story from eyes of a Father who lost his lovely daughter and will experience the world through immersive atmospheric gameplay. Players will encounter the most nightmarish Lovecraftian entities, survive and solve puzzles.

As said, the game will have a Lovecraftian style. As players dive deeper and deeper into the mystery, they’ll face overwhelming odds.

“With the ghost of an action/mystery/horror play style and the mind of a psychological thriller, The shore’s dramatic atmosphere, deep and multilayered story, and exceptionally tense,horrific, combat sequences provide players with an overwhelming and stunning gaming experience.”

The game currently targets a 2020 release.