New trailer released for Serious Sam 4

Devolver and Croteam have released a brand new trailer for Serious Sam 4. Serious Sam 4 will be an action first-person shooter that promises to have hordes of enemies. As such, it will be interesting to see whether it will be more action than Doom 2016 or Doom Eternal.

Players will fight and explore their way through huge environments populated with optional objectives, secrets and deadly ambushes. However, and contrary to pretty much all latest games, this won’t be an open-world game. While the game will feature big environments, it will still be a focused, linear experience.

The game will also feature vehicles such as motorcycle, a combine or even a bulletproof popemobile so that players can drive their way through unfortunate enemy pedestrians.

Last but not least, companions will no longer appear only in cut-scenes, but will be taking part in the action. Rodriguez, Jones, Hellfire and the rest of the crew are joining Sam in this epic journey through Planet Badass.