Snowrunner has sold one million copies in three weeks

Embracer Group, parent company of Saber Interactive, has announced that SnowRunner has sold one million copies. According to the company, these sales are above its expectations, something that it’s great for all of SnowRunner’s fans.

Moreover, the company claimed that the PC sales are more or less the same with those for PS4 or Xbox One. In other words, the game sold equally on all three platforms.

Sadly, the DLC sales also appeared to be high. Now while this is good news for Saber and Embracer, it’s not for us. After all, you all know that we are against paid DLCs.

But anyway, this is great news for Saber Interactive. It’s also great witnessing the PC version selling at least as many copies as the PS4 or the Xbox One versions. Keep in mind that SnowRunner is exclusive to the Epic Games Store, and has not been released on Steam yet.