Tekken 7 – New Gameplay Videos Emerge [Off-Screen]

While Tekken 7 has not been confirmed for the PC, we strongly believe that Namco’s fighting game will eventual come to our platform. After all, it’s powered by Unreal Engine 4 – and given the similarities of current-gen consoles with the PC – so this latest part could very well make its PC debut. Tekken 7’s arcade version is currently being tested and below you can find a nice amount of off-screen videos, showing what you can expect from it (do note that a lot of graphical effects have not been implemented yet, and that this build does not represent the final product). Enjoy!

Tekken 7 Location Test Ling vs. Feng

Tekken 7: First Gameplay (Claudio vs Law)

Tekken 7: First Gameplay (Asuka vs Paul)