Dead or Alive 2 live action AI

Tekken 3, Dead or Alive 2, Sekiro, Silent Hill 2 & more as live-action movies

YouTube’s ‘Shinobits’ has released new videos, showcasing a number of video games as live-action movies. In order to achieve something like that, the YouTuber used AI techniques, and the results are quite impressive.

Now what’s really cool about these videos is that Shinobits used in-game images as references. That way, the AI was able to provide results that are really close to the original in-game characters.

So, without further ado, go ahead and take a look at Tekken 3, Dead or Alive 2, Metal Slug, Final Fight, Sekiro, Silent Hill 2, Dino Crisis and more as live-action movies.

Lastly, you can find more live-action videos for other games here, here and here.