Zelda Ocarina of Time custom track for Mario Kart 8

This Zelda Ocarina of Time Custom Track for Mario Kart 8 looks incredible

YouTube’s ‘RiazorMC’ has shared the following video, showcasing an amazing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time custom track for Mario Kart 8.

What’s really cool about this custom track is that it features the entire open-world area from Ocarina of Time. As you’ll see, though, the track lacks directions and can be a bit chaotic. So yeah, while it does look retro-impressive, it won’t be a really fun track to race. Still, it’s pretty incredible witnessing Mario and his group blasting their way through the game’s entire map.

Now I don’t think this track is yet available for download. At least I couldn’t find any link for it. When, and if, it becomes available, PC gamers will be able to experience it via the Nintendo Switch emulators. After all, Mario Kart 8 already runs incredibly well on PC via Ryujinx or yuzu.


Zelda Ocarina of Time Circuit | Mario Kart 8 Custom Track