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Take a look at The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with over 1800 mods

YouTube’s ‘Digital Dreams’ has shared a video, showcasing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with over 1800 mods. Additionally, Digital Dreams used Reshade Ray Tracing in order to further enhance the game’s graphics.

Do note that these 1800 mods cover pretty much everything; from gameplay tweaks to graphical enhancements. And although Digital Dreams did not share a link, you can download the Elysium Remastered modlist from here.

In order to capture the following footage at 4K and at 60fps, Digital Dreams used an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090. From the looks of it, NVIDIA’s latest high-end GPU has no trouble running this heavily modified version of Skyrim.

Now if you don’t want to download this huge mod pack, you can go ahead and try some other graphical/visual enhancements for Skyrim Special Edition. There are two interesting 8K Texture Packs that you can download from here and here. Additionally, you can find an 4K Texture Pack for animals and creatures, as well as a 4K pack for all dungeons. And finally, don’t forget about Skurkbro’s Texture Pack which enhances the game’s landscape textures.

Have fun!

[4K60] Skyrim Ultra Modded RTX 4090 | Elysium Modlist | 1800+ Mods - ultra modded graphic gameplay