Need for Speed Unbound feature

Take a look at Need for Speed Unbound without its cartoon-ish effects

YouTube’s ‘CROWNED’ has shared a video, showcasing what Need for Speed Unbound would look like without its cartoon-ish effects. In order to achieve this, CROWNED used a third-party tool (according to some people, that tool is Cheat Engine). And, unfortunately, there isn’t any mod as of yet that can disable them.

The biggest difference between the original and the “realistic” versions of NFS: Unbound is the smoke effects. Without its cartoon-ish effects, the smoke effects look underwhelming. And, to be honest, I was never a big fan of the cartoon-ish smoke effects either.

Need for Speed Unbound uses the Frostbite Engine, and although it doesn’t have any Ray Tracing effects, it does support NVIDIA’s DLSS 3 tech. You can find our DLSS 3 benchmarks here.

Our PC Performance Analysis article will go live later this week, so stay tuned for more!

NFS Unbound - Effects On/Off