Star Wars Kashyyyk Docks showcased in Unreal Engine 4

Loacher Films has shared a new video, showing the Star Wars Kashyyyk Docks being recreated in Unreal Engine 4. This lovely scene features some ships from Star Wars and may give you an idea of what a Star Wars game could have looked like in Epic’s engine.

To be honest, though, I wasn’t blown away by it. I mean, it looks cool but the Battlefront games look phenomenal in Frostbite 3 Engine. The big issue with EA’s Star Wars games is not with their visuals – which are top notch – but with their gameplay and their focus on MP action. Here is hoping that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be worth the wait.

Nevertheless, this is a really cool remake of the Kashyyyk Docks in Unreal Engine 4. Unfortunately, and contrary to CryZENx’s Unreal Engine 4 remakes, this Star Wars Unreal Engine 4 project is not available for download.

Kashyyyk Docks - Remastered in Unreal Engine 4

Speaking of Star Wars in Unreal Engine 4, Thanaclara has also released a new video from his Star Wars Rogue Squadron remake in Unreal Engine 4. This remake is still in a very early stage, however it looks promising!