Sonic Frontiers feature 2

Speedrunners can already complete Sonic Frontiers in almost an hour

It’s no secret that I love speedruns. In fact, Awesome Games Done Quick is one of my favourite gaming events, and I seriously can’t wait for AGDQ 2023. But until then, we can go ahead and take a look at speedrunners completing Sonic Frontiers in almost an hour.

Sonic Frontiers is the latest open-world 3D Sonic game. Normally, it takes around 15 hours to finish it (and that’s if you focus on its main missions). However, speedrunners have figured out ways (aka glitches) so that they can finish it in almost an hour.

Now some may not like these glitchy speedruns. However, I really love when speedrunners do this kind of stuff.

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Sonic Frontiers: Any% (No DLC) in 1:09:01.42 (1:12:17.33 RTA)