PlayStation 4 feature

Here are 65 PS4 games running on the Playstation 4 fpPS4 emulator

John GodGames Emus has shared three videos, showcasing 65 PS4 games running on PC via the Playstation 4 emulator, fpPS4. Most of these are indie games, so don’t expect any triple-A games like The Last of Us, God of War or Ghost of Tsushima.

In total, we got almost three hours of content here. However, and since this emulator is in a very early development stage, you shouldn’t expect much from it. For instance, there are A LOT of audio issues with most of the emulated PS4 games. There are also major slowdowns on a lot of them.

Nevertheless, it’s really fascinating witnessing the progress of this PS4 emulator. And, to be honest, by the time this emulator is able to play the triple-A PS4 games, we may already have native PC versions of them. After all, Sony is currently bringing to the PC most of its major PS4-exclusive titles. Except for Bloodborne. So yeah, we might get to play Bloodborne once fpPS4 matures.

But anyway, enjoy the following videos!

fpPS4 PS4 Emulator - More Playable Games / 21 Games Tested (fpPS4 trunk - 5760dfc)

fpPS4 PS4 Emulator - Boots More 3D Games / 19 Games Tested (fpPS4 trunk - df6317b)

fpPS4 PS4 Emulator - Testing a New GUI + 25 Games (fpPS4 trunk - f9a8d5a)