Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition adds support for dynamic resolution, restores specularity

The team behind the Enhanced Edition of Silent Hill 2 has released a new update that adds dynamic resolution support and restores specularity.

In case you weren’t aware of, Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition is a collection of mods that enhances the game and makes it playable to all modern systems. This is a must-have for all Silent Hill 2 fans, and we highly recommend downloading it.

With this update, items and enemies can now shine thanks to the newly added specularity. In addition, your flashlight (and environmental lights) will make shinny objects even more shinny.

This latest update for Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition also adds a new ScreenMode. Additionally, it introduces a new dynamic resolution option. As such, PC gamers can now adjust their resolution via the in-game settings.

Lastly, the team has refined some of the game’s upscaled images. It has also restored the default brightness, and allows players to take snapshots in fullscreen mode.

Have fun!

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition (PC) - Update Video #7