Road Redemption – Road Rash Spiritual Successor – Latest Gameplay Footage Fails To Impress

Dark Seas Games has released a rather disappointing new video for its spiritual successor to Road Rash, Road Redemption. This video supposedly showcases the new graphical features that have been implemented to the game, however one of the developers claimed that the gameplay footage was captured from a laptop that was running the game at medium settings (something that should also explain the low framerate). So here is the one million dollar question: what’s the point of using an under-powered laptop to showcase your graphical improvements on medium settings and not on max?

As Dark Seas Games claimed, this is pre-alpha stuff, however this video also proves that the initial Greenlight trailer was pre-rendered stuff and nothing more.

From this latest video, the amazing dynamic camera is missing. Now we don’t know whether this camera is present and can be activated, however the one that the team used to showcase the game’s current state looks bad.

Truth be told, the game is now packed with better textures, environments do not feel as empty as before, and there are a couple of cool special effects (bloom for example).

Still, this latest video fails to impress. And the problem is not that it looks unpolished. The problem is that it does not look as impressive as its first trailer (which can be considered pre-pre-alpha provided it was not pre-rendered stuff). We’re pretty sure that the game’s Kickstarter campaign would have failed if this gameplay trailer had been used from the get-go. And that says a lot.

Road Redemption (PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U)