Star Citizen 3.3.5 header screenshot

Reshade Ray Tracing can transform Star Citizen into… Doom 3

YouTube’s ‘SliM420’ has shared a video, showing Star Citizen with Pascal “Marty McFly” Gilcher’s Reshade Ray Tracing Mod. SliM420 used this Reshade Mod in order to enhance the game’s Global Illumination effects, and has managed to turn Star Citizen into Doom 3.

The following video shows Star Citizen with and without the Reshade Ray Tracing effects. At first glance, the game simply seems darker with the Reshade Mod. However, there are also some lighting differences between them. Not only that, but color bleeding is more pronounced in the Reshade mod.

As always, you can adjust the Global Illumination Ray Tracing yourselves in this Reshade. Therefore, if you think it looks too dark, you can tweak the settings in order to reduce these side-effects. To be honest, I find this modded version kind of cool, However, I don’t know whether the game is playable in other darker areas (or during the space sequences).

Now the downside of using this Reshade is, as you may have guessed it, its performance hit. You will immediately notice in the video that the framerate goes downhill when SliM420 enables the Reshade ray-tracing effects. Again, you can tweak Reshade in order to improve performance by calculating less rays. However, that will have a negative effect on the Ray Tracing effects.

Since Cloud Imperium has not announced yet support for native real-time ray tracing effects, it’s cool looking at Star Citizen with this Reshade. So, here is hoping that the team will implement some Ray Tracing effects.


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