Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Official Gameplay Trailer

Hasbro, Lionsgate and nWay have released the official gameplay trailer for Power Rangers Battle for the Grid, in which we get to see the signature attacks from Goldar, Ranger Slayer, Mastodon Sentry, Kat, Magna Defender, Gia, Jason, Tommy and Lord Drakkon.

This gameplay trailer also showcases the game’s real-time assist takeover mechanics, dynamic defense, juggle combos, and Megazord come back system in action.

Power Ranger: Battle for the Grid targets a Spring 2019 release and is described as an easy to learn but hard to master fighting game that delivers a modern take on the Power Rangers franchise.

The game will feature graphics with vivid details and will pit new and classic Rangers and villains against each other in team battles. Featuring a streamlined combat system, the game welcomes newcomers to the genre with simplified controls, while maintaining depth and detail for more intense and experienced competitors.

Players will be challenged to test their skills online against friends and other players around the world, providing endless replayability. With new content and game modes releasing throughout the year, the game will continuously offer the community new ways to play and compete.


Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid - Official Gameplay Trailer