Official launch trailer released for One Piece: World Seeker

Bandai Namco has released the official launch trailer for One Piece: World Seeker. In One Piece World Seeker, players will join Luffy as he embarks on a brand new action-packed adventure where they can experience the powers of the legendary Gum-Gum fruit to uncover hidden secrets on an original, never-before-seen island.

According to the game’s description, the Straw Hat Pirates arrive on a mysterious island known only as “Prison Island” and they’re soon caught up in a dramatic story full of twists and turns.

Players will face off against some of Luffy’s well-known enemies from the ONE PIECE series, and will be able to take them down by using his Gum-Gum Fruit powers and powerful Haki abilities. Furthermore, the game will also include original characters designed by Eiichiro Oda himself.

One Piece World Seeker releases on March 15th.


ONE PIECE World Seeker – Launch Trailer