Overgrowth Gets A New Video, Showcasing The Changes To Its Alpha 201 Build

Overgrowth v2

Wolfire Games has released a new video for its bunny brawler, Overgrowth, showcasing the changes that have been made to its latest build. According to its description, David Rosen has added this week spears that can be thrown, tweaked thrown weapons in order to penetrate farther, new animations and attacks for the game’s Spear weapons, as well as an arena in which players can fight with spears. The alpha version of Overgrowth is available to anyone who pre-orders it, and you can view its video – as well as the key features of the latest build – below. Enjoy!

Overgrowth Alpha 201 Build Key Features:

-Spear throw
-Thrown weapons penetrate farther
-Spear run and threat animations
-Spear sweep attack
-Spear active block poses
-Added spear to arena
-Fixed block flinch mirroring
-Fixed flickering weapon problem
-Improved weapon-line ragdoll impulse
-Added reaction override system so weapons can have specific hit animations

Overgrowth Alpha 201 changes - Wolfire Games