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New trailer released for the FarCry reloaded mod for the original Crysis game, targets a 2019 release

Modder ‘roadiereloaded’ has released a new trailer for his FarCry reloaded mod for Crysis. This mod aims to feature 11 levels and will adapt Crysis to the FarCry 1 storyline with some alterations. Moreover, the modder revealed that he aims to release this mod in 2019.

As roadiereloaded told me:

“I thought the original FarCry was the best FPS ever until 2 minutes into the game where I am forced to pick up the radio device which puts Doyle and his instructions into my ear for the rest of the game.

How can they ruin a game that has such a perfect setting – you wake up in this cave and have to figure out where you are and what is going on.

I thought Crysis was the best FPS ever when Nomad hits the water thinking that now the communication is cut off and I have to survive on my own. Nope – Barnes fixes it and is blabbering into my ears for the rest of the game telling me what to do and what is going on right before my eyes. Epic Fail.

This obsession to drag the player through cutscene alley showing him how awesome the movies are … I don’t get it. “

As such, the modder will throw away the aliens, JSOC, Doyle, Valerie, Raptor team (the others) and everything that makes both Far Cry and Crysis so utterly linear and boring. This mod will also remove the cut-scenes, the nag objectives and the area triggers.

Roadiereloaded aims to release a demo for FarCry reloaded in 2019 prior to the full release. Roadiereloaded plans to release the mod in two parts (each featuring 5 levels) and a demo level that will link these two parts. All levels will also use adapted and partly merged heightmaps from FarCry and Crysis.

Here are some additional details about the demo and the aforementioned two parts.

Part one: FarCry – Jack Carver. It will stick mostly to the original story however without Doyle. Valerie is going to be in the intro but not in the gameplay. The Trigens will be replaced by one type of Trigen redesigned from scratch along the lines of the mutants in the movie “I am Legend”. Krieger Corp and the Mercenaries will stay in the story. The Player is going to be alone trying to make it out alive.

Demo level “Training” – Nano suit. In part one Lab Zero (located on the training level island) went into AI governed shutdown due to a problem with the Trigens, turning the whole underground facility into a tomb for the 100 plus personnel and scientists, trapping them with a few of the specimen they created. 8 or more years later a surveillance drone picks up an implant signal from one of the Trigens outside the lab. This incident brings remnants of the Krieger Corporation to send in some Mercenaries in the hope of retrieving something from Lab Zero speculating that there might now be a way in since the Trigen got out. Player is sent by another faction to infiltrate the lab and contain the Trigens. On the island is a North Korean special units training facility which is clueless about the existence of Lab Zero and what it contains. As they learn about the Lab and the threat the Trigens pose, they decide to seal off the islands with automated heavy fighting drones (along the lines of ED-209 from the movie Robocop). This leaves the player and the Mercs scrambling to get out alive.

Part two: Crysis – Nano suit. This part plays years later still. The archipelago has turned into a maybe “Stalker like”zone with automated patrol drones, roaming Trigens and Krieger Corp. Mercenaries. This is going to be the Crysis part – morphing the FarCry levels with the Crysis levels. JSOC, raptor team and the aliens are not part of this. Koreans might have small drone support teams on the islands. Player is alone and on a recon mission.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!