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Intel Core i9 10900K is the fastest gaming CPU, surpassing its predecessor Intel Core i9 9900K

The embargo for the Intel Core i9 10900K has finally been lifted and a lot of publications have shared their benchmarks. And, as we can see, the Intel Core i9 10900K is the fastest gaming CPU on the market. And yeah, it even surpasses its predecessor, the Intel Core i9 9900K. Now as you all know, we are a PC gaming website. Therefore, we’ll be focusing solely on the PC gaming benchmarks. After all, this is the only category that interests us. And yes AMD fans, we suggest getting a Ryzen CPU if you want a better overall product.

Tomshardware claims some noticeable performance differences between the i9 10900K and the i9 9900K (at default speeds). For instance, there is a 11fps performance boost in Dawn of War 3, and a 10fps improvement in Far Cry 5 and GTA5.

Tweaktown claims that there is a 15fps difference in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

PCPer also reports a 10fps performance improvement in Metro Exodus. Additionally, PCPer states that there is almost a 50fps boost in DOTA 2.

Anandtech reports a 10fps performance boost in Strange Brigade under the Vulkan API. Moreover, Anandtech reports a 14fps improvement in F1 2018.

Lastly, HardwareUnboxed reports lower performance improvements than the aforementioned websites. In Far Cry New Dawn, the performance boost is only 5fps and in Rainbow Six Siege there is a 7fps improvement.

Do note that some website used a really low resolution in order to eliminate any possible GPU limitation. That’s the best way to test the CPUs in games. At least in our opinion.

Overall, the Intel Core i9 10900K is the fastest CPU for gaming. Now whether this is something that will persuade you get one… well… that is entirely up to you. Needless to also say that owners of the Intel i9 9900K have no reason at all to upgrade as the performance difference is not that great.