Squadron 42 Mark Hamill

New Squadron 42 video focuses on its core technology (animations, idle poses, destruction and more)

Cloud Imperium has released a new Squadron 42 video that focuses on its core technology. In this video, we get to see some animation improvements, new idle poses techniques, weapon handling, as well as procedural soft body deformation to create destruction assets.

Squadron 42 is the single-player story driven game set in the same universe as Star Citizen. This SP game is being developed alongside Star Citizen (consider Squadron 42 the single-player mode of Star Citizen) and both of them share the same tech.

Back in 2016, Cloud Imperium claimed that Squadron 42 will feature 28 chapters that will be equivalent to 60+ missions. The game will feature 340 speaking roles with state of the art facial scanning and mocap, and over 20 hours of performance capture. In addition, its story arc is made of 1255 pages of dialogue.

Squadron 42 will also have 40 distinct ships, hand-crafted environments that will be enhanced by procedural tech, systemic space and FPS gameplay (from stealth to brute force), dogfighting in both space and planetary atmosphere and a subsumption AI.


Squadron 42: Around the Verse - Strengthening the Core Tech