Half Life 2 feature

New screenshots released for the Half Life 2 demake in the original Half-Life

Team Classic has released some new screenshots from its upcoming demake of Half Life 2 in Half-Life 1’s Goldsource Engine. This demake, called Half Life 2: Classic will bring everything you loved from Half-Life 2 to the original Half-Life. Why? Because demakes are a thing and some may be interested in them.

Half Life 2: Classic will feature a HL2-based movement system (which means walking and sprinting, with speeds that match up with HL2), as well as swaying viewmodels similar to Half Life 2 (though these will be optional).

Naturally, the game will feature vehicles (the team will use the func_vehicle entity from Counter-Strike 1.6 to mimic the behavior of the vehicles in Half-Life 2) as well as its signature weapon, the gravity gun.

Enjoy the screenshots and stay tuned for more!

Half-Life 2: Classic - June 2018 Progress Update