Atomic Heart-5

New official gameplay teaser trailer released for Atomic Heart

Mundfish has released a new official gameplay teaser trailer for Atomic Heart. Atomic Heart is a game that is heavily inspired by Bioshock, Prey and Zeno Clash. This new teaser trailer features gameplay footage that was present in the previous video we shared a couple of days ago.

Atomic Heart is an immersive sim with shooter and fighting mechanics. The game will allow players to level up their weapons and abilities, and there will be both crafting and looting systems. Moreover, the game will have some puzzles that players will have to solve.

Atomic Heart will also support real-time ray tracing effects. Now while there is no ETA yet on when the game will come out. PC gamers can download an RTX tech demo.

Enjoy the gameplay teaser trailer, courtesy of IGN, and stay tuned for more!

Atomic Heart - Official Gameplay Teaser