New gameplay video released for the upcoming 16-bit platformer, Blazing Chrome

Joymasher has released a new gameplay video for its upcoming 16-bit platformer, Blazing Chrome. Blazing Chrome is a modern take on action platformers that came out in arcades and 16-bit consoles in the 90s, and this latest trailer showcases the game’s environments.

The game promises to combine explosive action with a variety of powerful and distinctive weaponry, aiming to appeal to the golden age of action platformers but also harness modern-day controls and deep gameplay mechanics.

This video showcases the fourth mission and as you will immediately notice, it looks as good as the platform games you’ve been playing in your SNES (or Mega Drive/Genesis if you prefer).

Blazing Chrome is coming to the PC later this year.


Blazing Chrome stage 4-1 gameplay (60 FPS)