New gameplay trailer released for Battlezone: Combat Commander

Rebellion have unveiled a brand new gameplay trailer for Battlezone: Combat Commander. The five-minute “What is Battlezone: Combat Commander?” video offers a thorough breakdown of the gameplay, features and modes included in the remastered PC strategy classic.

Battlezone: Combat Commander brings back one of the most unique and beloved games of the 90s. Players take command of a sci-fi battlefield, constructing bases, harvesting resources and ordering units from the cockpit of their hover-tank – in which they’ll also fight in epic mechanized battles! Mixing classic RTS and epic first-person tank combat, Battlezone: Combat Commander is in a class of its own.

The challenging single-player campaign sees players lead humanity’s resistance against the Scions, a dangerous new threat from the far reaches of space. With branching sub-campaigns and the choice to defect, players can also take control of the Scion forces and their mysterious shape-shifting ships.

Battlezone: Combat Commander also offers substantial multiplayer content, with 8 modes for up to 14 players. Players can scrap it out in co-op and versus modes, with play available both online and via LAN. Cross-play between Steam and GOG Galaxy is also fully supported.

The game will also support mods. According to its press release, Battlezone 2 members are already creating epic new content for Battlezone: Combat Commander, including new maps, assets, HUDs, vehicles, custom scripts and much more, both for singleplayer and multiplayer.


What is Battlezone: Combat Commander?