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New Bloodborne PS1 Demake video shows the Gascoigne Boss Fight

In March 2021, we informed you about a PS1 fan demake of Bloodborne that is currently under development. And yesterday, Lilith Walther released a new gameplay video for it, showcasing the Gascoigne Boss Fight.

As Walther said, the level has some new additions, like the clocktower and its bell tolling, and the green lighting which was common in the leaked Project Beast footage. It also feels a lot more retro compared to Bloodborne PS4’s pale blue/monochrome lighting.

“All that said, there’s still a long ways to go with this fight. The biggest thing is that the attack animation count for each of the three forms needs to be higher, but there’s also smaller things like the fog wall, popping between animation transitions and more.”

As I wrote in our previous article, this PS1 Demake makes Bloodborne feel like Nightmare Creatures. And, at least in my opinion, this is really cool.

We currently don’t know whether there are any plans for a public demo of this Bloodborne PS1 Demake. Naturally, though, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.


Bloodborne PS1 Demake: Father Gascoigne Gameplay WIP