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This Bloodborne PS1 Demake feels like a Nightmare Creatures retro game

Lilith Walther has been working on Bloodborne PS1 Demake for the past few weeks and shared two new videos from it. These videos show the Cleric Beast boss fight and the first 2 levels of Central Yharnam. And let me tell you that this project looks absolutely retro-amazing.

To be honest, this Bloodborne Demake feels like a new retro Nightmare Creatures game. Nightmare Creatures was a survival horror game that came out on PC, Nintendo 64, and Playstation in 1997.

As Walther noted, there is still work to be done on the fight as it’s pretty buggy right now. Still, this retro concept looks incredible and I’m sure that a lot of Bloodborne fans will appreciate it.

Lastly, Walther has not revealed whether she will release this project to the public. I’d personally love to play this on my PC and I’d be all over this for a couple of days, even if it only features a couple of scenes.

Enjoy the following videos and stay tuned for more!

Bloodborne PS1 Demake: Flamesprayer & Central Yharnam WIP

Bloodborne PS1 Demake: Cleric Beast Gameplay