New BeamNG Videos Showing Off ‘Cliff 2.0 Car Crushing’ & ‘Hot Wheels’ Tracks

CryEngine 3 physics

Our reader ‘Jonathan Gustafsson’ has shared with us some new videos from BeamNG’s tech demo that is currently available to everyone. There is no denying that BeamNG’s Next-Generation Soft-body Physics Engine is amazing. Yes, the engine needs to be tweaked a bit. However, it’s still among the best physics solutions we’ve ever seen, and we cannot wait for Destruction Derby game with these physics and destructibility. Enjoy!

BeamNG Alpha - Cliff 2.0 Car Crushing Map (MOD) HD

BeamNG Alpha - Porsche 911 And Hot Wheels Track (MOD) HD

BeamNG Alpha - The A-Team Van (Gavril MOD) HD