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Need for Speed next-gen early prototype PC gameplay footage leaked

Back in June 2020, EA shared a teaser video for its upcoming Need for Speed game that will be targeting next-gen platforms. And, from the looks of it, some really early prototype gameplay footage for Criterion’s new Need for Speed game has been leaked online.

YouTube’s ‘BlackPanthaa’ was the first one that shared the following video which shows some early prototype footage from the next-gen Need for Speed game. Do note that this is a really early build, meaning that there are a lot of placeholders.

What’s really interesting here is that this is PC gameplay footage. Not only that, but this build is from June 2020, meaning that this is what the game currently looks like.

Now while the game’s graphics are nowhere close to being complete, we can at least take a look at how the game handles. And, as we can clearly see, this next-gen Need for Speed game will be an arcade racing game. Furthermore, it will most likely feature an open-world environment.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I really love watching such early builds of upcoming games. Truth be told, this is nowhere close to an alpha build. However, it’s fascinating watching a prototype version of an upcoming triple-A game.

Do note that things may change as this Need for Speed game is in active development. Thus, the final game may have a completely different handling or controls.

There is currently no ETA on when this next-gen Need for Speed game will come out. My guess is that Criterion may be targeting a 2021/2022 release. We can also assume that this new NFS game is using the Frostbite Engine.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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