The Callisto Protocol new screenshots-1

Leaked video for The Callisto Protocol shows off its first 13 minutes

The Callisto Protocol will release in almost two weeks and a video leaked earlier today, showcasing the game’s first 13 minutes. This is an off-camera video, meaning that it’s potato-quality. Still, some of the game’s fans may find it interesting.

The Callisto Protocol is a new story-driven, single-player survival horror game from the creators of Dead Space. In this game, players will assume the role of Jacob. Jacob will be able to use ‘GRP’ abilities to push and pull things toward him. Additionally, the game will feature both ranged combat and melee.

The PC version of the game will most likely support Ray Tracing effects. As we’ve already reported, PC gamers should expect ray-traced shadows and ray-traced reflections. Or at least that’s what the developers have implied.

KRAFTON will release The Callisto Protocol on December 2nd. And, for what it’s worth, the publisher hasn’t shared yet the game’s official PC system requirements.