Here’s Need for Speed: Underground 2 with RTX Remix Path Tracing

YouTube’s ‘Uncle Burrito’ has shared a video, showcasing Need for Speed: Underground 2 with RTX Remix Path Tracing. This is an early implementation and has major graphical and visual glitches. Still, this is something that many NFS fans will appreciate, so be sure to watch it if you are one of them.

My biggest gripe with this early implementation of RTX Remix in this game is the constant light changes. This can be really distracting, so here is hoping that the YouTuber will be able to resolve it in future versions.

Truth be told, this early implementation does bring numerous lighting and shading improvements. And while this video looks cool, it does not represent what RTX Remix can achieve in older games.

As we’ve already said, NVIDIA has only released the RTX Remix Runtime. Thus, it’s really difficult to mod older games. And, this is exactly why NFS: Underground 2 looks a bit underwhelming right now with RTX Remix. Now the good news is that things will get better once NVIDIA releases the RTX Remix Creator Tool. With RTX Remix Creator Tool, modders will be able to assign new assets and lights within their remastered scene, and use AI tools to rebuild the look of any asset. However, there is no ETA on when this tool will come out.

But anyway, enjoy the video and stay tuned for more!

Need for speed: Underground 2 RTX remix WIP2