Alan Wake 2 temp

Alan Wake 2 is releasing this October according to its voice actor

It appears that Alan Wake 2 will release this October. In a recent interview with Monsters, Madness and Magic, Matthew Porretta, the voice actor of Alan Wake, claimed that the game is supposed to come out in October 2023.

You can clearly hear Porretta revealing the game’s release date at the 18-minute mark.

Bright Falls and Night Springs - An Interview with Matthew Porretta

We do know that Remedy plans to release Alan Wake 2 in 2023. So yeah, an October release date sounds legit.

In Alan Wake 2, players will continue the writer’s story and experience Remedy’s first foray into survival horror. Additionally, Remedy has already confirmed that the game will be, once again, using a third-person perspective.

Alan Wake will release exclusively on PC via the Epic Games Store. Or at least that was Remedy’s initial plan (I don’t believe anything has changed since the game’s announcement).

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