Bloodborne header screenshot

Bloodborne had a fully playable PC version, intended for internal purporses

Now here is something really cool. Lance McDonald has spotted evidence of a PC version of Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Edition. According to McDonald, this PC version was used internally for internal/debug purposes and was never meant for a public release.

Do note that we’re talking about a fully playable PC version of Bloodborne. Yes, some may say that games are coded on PC but this doesn’t mean that every console game has a native PC version. That’s not how things work. And if that was the case, studios wouldn’t be having so much trouble porting their console games to the PC.

As McDonald noted, the Fandom page of Bloodborne features screenshots from the PC build. Marco Domenech, FromSoftware’s artist who submitted the screenshots, was apparently using the internal PC version of Bloodborne.

We should also note that this PC version is not related in any way to the recent remaster/remake rumors. And no, this doesn’t mean that FromSoftware will eventually release Bloodborne on PC. That ship has already sailed.

In short, you should temper your expectations. All this proves is that FromSoftware had an up-and-running PC version of Bloodborne. However, due to a Sony/PS4 deal, that PC version never saw the light of day.