RTX Remix

NVIDIA RTX Remix Runtime available for download in Early Access

NVIDIA has just launched the NVIDIA RTX Remix Runtime in Early Access. The RTX Remix runtime captures a game scene, and replaces assets at playback while injecting RTX technology, such as path tracing, DLSS 3 and Reflex into the game.

Now before continuing, let’s clarify some things. RTX Remix is composed of two core components that work together to enable modders to remaster classic PC games. These two components are the RTX Remix creator toolkit and a custom RTX Remix runtime. So, right now, only the RTX Remix Runtime is available for download.

The most important thing when modding older games is the RTX Remix Creator Tool. This tool, built on NVIDIA Omniverse and used to develop Portal with RTX, allows modders to assign new assets and lights within their remastered scene, and use AI tools to rebuild the look of any asset.

In short, you should temper your expectations for the upcoming RTX Remix Mods. At best, we’ll get mods that can add Path Tracing to older games, without improving their materials. These mods may also have a lot of visual issues, kind of like the RTX Remix Mods we got when Portal RTX came out.

You can download the NVIDIA RTX Remix Runtime from here. Below you can also find its key features.

  • USD capture and replacement modules, which are responsible for capturing a game scene to USD, and replacing original game assets with modded game assets at runtime.
  • Bridge, which translates the renderer from a x86 to a x64 instruction set. This component uncaps the memory available for rendering.
  • Scene manager, which uses information coming through the D3D9 fixed function API to create a representation of the original scene, track game objects frame to frame, and set up the scene to be path traced.
  • The core path tracer, which includes the rendering loop, the material handling, and the game specific rendering features (e.g., decals and particles).
Easily Remaster Classic Games with NVIDIA RTX Remix