PlayStation 4 feature

Here is the Playstation 4 emulator, fpPS4, running some PS4 games

YouTube’s ‘John GodGames Emus’ has shared a video, showcasing the Playstation 4 emulator, fpPS4, booting and going in-game in a number of PS4 games.

Now as we’ve said and before, the emulator is still unable to boot any triple-A PS4 game. Still, it’s remarkable witnessing its progress. The fact that it can at least run some 2D and simple 3D games is already incredible.

fpPS4 is the fourth Playstation 4 emulator that is currently in development. The other three are KytySpine and GPCS4.

Those interested can download fpPS4 from here or here. The emulator requires a 64bit operating system, an x64 CPU that supports AVX2, and a GPU that supports the Vulkan API.


fpPS4 PS4 Emulator - Progress of some 2D games + First simple 3D game (fpPS4 trunk - fb243ee)