Here is Luigi’s Mansion being recreated in Unreal Engine 4

CryZENx, best known for his amazing Zelda project in Unreal Engine 4, has been working on a new interesting project. CryZENx is currently recreating Luigi’s Mansion in Unreal Engine 4, and released the first video from it.

As we can see, this project is still in a very early stage. A lot of the textures are really low-res, so here is hoping that CryZENx will update/replace them.

According to CryZENx, this tech demo runs pretty good on his system (i5 4210 with NVIDIA GTX 960M and 16gb RAM).

In its current state, players can control Luigi, explore the environment and call for Mario.

CryZENx has not made available this tech demo to the public as of yet, however we’ll be sure to keep you posted.


Unreal Engine 4 [13.2] Luigis Mansion Fanmade Remake